New Orleans Terminal, LLC. as a single operator for the N.O.T. Container Facility, the N.O.T. Container Freight Station, and the New Orleans Intermodal on-dock-rail Ramp, allows for carriers and their customers to:

  • Quickly and cost effectively handle cargos destined to discharge or load:
    • Container vessels calling the Napoleon Ave. wharf
    • Rail Lines transiting the Port
    • Barge Line shipments transiting the Port


  • Reduce or eliminate the Intermodal consolidation and shipping cost as related to:
    • Handling Over weight or Over Dimensional cargoes
    • Intermodal trucking and other fees to receive or return carriers empty equipment (terminal has ready access to most major car-riers equipment inventories)
    • Equipment per diem and demurrage fees
    • Management of cargo cut-offs
    • Expediting government holds and exams


  • Barge access:
    • New Orleans serves as the gateway to the Mississippi River which is by far the largest river system in the United States. The river system itself passes directly through 10 different States within the Continental US. Then to consider its tributary source rivers: Ohio River, Illinois River, Missouri River and Arkansas River make the main stem Mississippi one of the greatest commercial waterways of the world stretching some 2,300 miles. The Mississippi river is responsible for moving over 400 million short tons of commerce annually.


  • Rail access:
    • New Orleans also plays host to 6 x class 1 rail lines: CN, CSX, BN, UP, KCS and the NS. In 2007 with the formation of the New Orleans Intermodal rail ramp conveniently located adjacent to the container marshaling yard created a “True” On-Dock-Rail facility for expediting direct movements of intermodal cargoes (inclusive of over-weight shipments) direct to vessel yard stacks eliminating the trucking node from ramp to terminal.


  • The versatility for a port system to offer inland transportation modes of barge, rail or truck directly to/from a container terminal to/from origin or inland destination, creates a consistent and competitive environment consequently preserving inland rate pricing structures.
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Terminal Rules

Click here for a PDF with all of the terminal, trucker and safety rules & regulations.


Please review this document for the appropriate traffic pattern instructions.


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