Commodities Handled

  • Metals—Steel Coils, Pipe, Wire in coils, cop-per ingots, aluminum, re-bar
  • Paper Products—Kraft liner board, wood pulp
  • Lumber—Hardwoods, lumber in bundles, plywood, door skins
  • Super Sacks—Silicon metal, foundry coke
  • Foodstuffs—Rice, Beans, Flour, Aid cargo
  • Machinery—Heavy lifts, Tractors, Autos, Generators
  • Stone/Granite, Petroleum Products, Bulk Products
  • Any other commodities that can be consolidated to/from container or rail for delivery or shipping


    • Top Handlers, Reach Stackers, Yard Hustlers, utility carts to work multiple operations (rail, terminal yard-gate, marine-vessels, and CFS) simultaneously.
    • A daily inventory of Forklifts ranging from 8—50 ton capacity with the ability to handle multiple gangs of rail cars, containers or Flat Rack/Platform transfers or consolidations.
    • Assorted Paper clamp and Cotton clamp attachments.

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